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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Caterpillar 3516B HD 1525 kW Petroleum Offshore Electric Generator Set

Condition New Category Generators Sub Category Marine Diesel Generators Engine Package Manufacturer : Caterpillar Engine Manufacturer : Caterpillar Engine Model : 3516B Engine S/N : S2Z Prefix Manufacture Date : 2008 HP : 2150 Hp Governor : Electronic governor Starter : Air starter Engine RPM: 1200 Cooling Method : Water Generator Generator S/N : 9XZ Prefix Generator Manufacturer : Caterpillar Generator Model : SR4B Leads: 12 Voltage :600V Power Factor: 0.8 1,525 kW Prime 1,906 kVA Generator RPM: 1200 3 Phase 60 Hz Additional Information : WPP Item #: 101856 Hours : Unknown Length : 244 Inches Width : 76 Inches Height : 98 Inches Weight : 42 lb (19 kg) approx. Arrangement No. 273-3849 CAT SR4B 868 Frame Tier 1 Double Bearing ADEM A3 Electronic Engine Control System Load Share Module (SL) Fuel Cooler - Heat Exchanger (SL) Coolant Level Sensor Centrifugal Oil Filter - Offshore 25 Deg Tilt Deep Sump Oil Pan Metal Particle Detector 6kW Dual Jacket Water Heater 60A Charging Alternator Electric Pre-Lube Marine MPD Panel 16 Inch Spark Arresting Muffler (SL) ABS Compliant IMO Compliant Remarks New Surplus.


1) Excellent! - I decided to purchase this Offshore Electric Generator Set in case of the zombie apocalypse. Although I had to pay an extra $15,000.50 for shipping, it arrived quickly and I was able to store it in my underground bunker without too much hassle. Believe it or not, last week, my town was overrun by zombies, and I was forced to retreat to my bunker to survive. I immediately whipped out the owner's manual for this generator and followed the 500 steps to turn it on. After securing the door to make sure that it was completely zombie proof in there, I was able to enjoy the comforts of electricity and I was able to charge my iPhone and live tweet the whole experience. Of course, I did almost die of carbon monoxide poisoning, but it was way better than living without electricity in my bunker. After the whole zombie experience, I am planning on donating this to my local Goodwill so that some other poor soul can save themselves from zombies. 5/5 stars.

By KW on September 25, 2014


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