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Thursday, 5 February 2015

DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

Safeguard your family as well as provide portable power for work and play with the DuroMax XP4400E gas-powered generator, which features a 7.0-horsepower air-cooled OHV engine that cranks out 3,500 constant running watts of power . It includes both a standard recoil start as well as an easy electric start.

This rugged workhorse is ideal for the jobsite where powering saws, drills, and other equipment is critical, but you can also depend on it for emergencies at home--insuring your essential appliances are running smoothly, reliably, and without interruption. It's EPA approved with a rating of 69 dBA for quiet operation thanks to its super-quiet muffler, and it's also safe to use in U.S. National Parks thanks to the super quiet exhaust with spark arrestor.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

The XP4400E includes two 120-volt, 20-amp standard household outlets to supply power to all of your appliances as well as a powerful 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet for high-powered tools. A 12-volt DC output with leads functions as a charger for batteries and other rechargeable devices. Overloads are never a problem with its dual 15-amp circuit breaker. A volt meter allows you to monitor your generator's output range at all times, and the battery charge indicator light lets you know when the generator's starter battery is charging.
The exclusive DuroMax RV Switch (voltage selector) allows you to get maximum power from each of the 120-volt receptacles as well as choose between operating the generator at both 120 and 240 volts simultaneously, or at 120 only with full power.
With the electric start, it's as simple to get this generator going as turning on your car. And if the battery isn't fully charged, you can use the single-pull recoil cord to start the generator.
The XP4400E features a heavy duty steel frame roll cage with four-point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation. This generator is also easily portable thanks to the wheel kit with large, all-terrain knobby tires that will never deflate and a flip-up, stow-away handle. You'll get up to 8 hours of run time (at 50 percent) from a 4-gallon tank of fuel. Other features include an advanced automatic voltage regulator (AVR) system and a low oil protection system which automatically shuts the generator off to protect it from any damage should it run out of oil. It's backed by a one-year limited warranty. Shop - Over 50% Off Kwikset Locks and Door Hardware

  • 4400 Watt Surge/3500 Watt Continuous.
  • 4 Gallon Gas Tank/8 Hour Run Time.
  • Electric Key Start/Includes Battery.
  • EPA Approved.
  • Automatic Low Oil Shut Off.


1) Good performance, excellent value - We live in Southern Louisiana, smack-dab in the middle of hurricane alley, and decided to purchase a backup generator to deal with power outages in the event of an emergency. I wanted sufficient power capacity to run our refrigerator, a small portable AC, a few lights, a small TV, charge our cell-phones, and occasionally charge laptop batteries. We figured that around 3000 continuous watts and 4000 surge watts would be sufficient for our needs.

There are several generators sold by the hardware chains (Lowe's, Home Depot) that fit this description, but they're priced around $600 - $700. After some research on the internet, we decided that the PowerMax XP4400 would match our needs, and suit our budget. Just before purchasing it, on an impulse I decided to get the model with the battery powered electric starter, instead of the one that has a rip-cord. Our purchase price (on eBay - from MaxTool - the same company selling them on Amazon) was $469.99, including a cover for the generator, and shipping.

The generator was shipped Fedex Ground and took about a week to arrive. The external cardboard box showed signs of rough handling during transportation, but the generator was well packed in foam, and not damaged during shipping. The whole box weighs about 130 lbs, and it helped me considerably that the Fedex driver wheeled it right into our garage. Unpacking took about 20 minutes. There are a couple of shipping braces that support the engine during shipment that take a little while to remove.

The first thing I did was to flip the generator upside-down on a mat to install the wheel-kit. There are tools provided with the generator to get the wheels and handles on. As shipped, the tires were sufficiently inflated to bear the weight of the generator.

After flipping the generator right way up again, I filled it with SAE30 oil. We live in a relatively warm climate, so I chose 10W30. If you use generator oil, make sure you chose oil made for a four-stroke engine. The oil-fill tube is awkwardly placed - I have a funnel with a tube at the end out it, and found that I had to use it to avoid spilling oil. It takes about 20 oz of oil. To condition the engine, I would suggest changing the oil after 6 hours of run-time, then twice after 8 hours, and every 20 - 30 hours beyond that.

After filling it with gas (there is a mesh fuel-filter underneath the gas cap, I turned the fuel valve on, and started the generator. The engine turned right away, but wouldn't start. This turned out to be an error on my part - it dark, and what I thought was the fully-off position for the choke was instead the fully-on position. After moving the choke to the correct position(fully-off), the engine started up. It is pretty smoky and sputters until the choke is opened. After that it runs very smoothly,with no visible smoke in the exhaust. I don't know what the noise level is, but it is sufficiently low that it doesn't bother me when the generator is running outside the house, and I am on the inside.

The control panel has two 120V outlets (20 Amp), and one 30 Amp outlet that is switchable between 120V and 240V. There is also a 12V outlet to charge a car battery. There is a circuit breaker and a voltmeter. During my initial tests, between 60 watts and 2400 watts of load the voltage stayed at 115 volts, and didn't drop. I haven't tested higher loads yet.

So far, we are quite satisfied. The PowerMax XP4400E is built well, works well, and is less polluting that more expensive Honda, Subaru, and Yamaha powered units sold at the hardware chains.

And a little tip - for any small engine that is run infrequently. Make sure you mix the fuel with some anti-oxidant such as Stabil before putting it in the tank. Gas mixed with anti-oxidant should last for about one year.

Six month update (August 2009) - the generator still works like a champ. Some of the bolts worked themselves loose through the vibrations, so I've tightened them. No other major problems.

Eighteen month update (September 2010) - no problems yet. But I finally got around to installing a transfer switch to connect the generator to the main breaker panel in our house. I recommend this highly - it is far better than running cords all over the place, or back-feeding the main panel, which is illegal and very dangerous for linesman working on the utility company's lines. Reliance Controls makes a p
re-wired six-circuit transfer switch (31406/30406) that is perfect for this generator and is available from Amazon. Took me about 3 hours to install, 2 of which were spent flush-mounting it in the drywall.

Thirty month update (August 2011) - no major problems. I hadn't run the generator for a long time, but with hurricane season here, it was time to change the oil, fill it with gas, and make sure it still worked. The oil looked clean, but had only been used about 8 hours since the last change (a year ago). The electric start wouldn't work (battery was run down), and I flooded the engine. The rip-cord start worked on the second or third pull. I ran the generator for an hour, and will test whether that was sufficient to charge the battery within a week or two. It would have been wiser to unhook the battery while the unit was in extended storage.

Update (November 2011) - first problem with generator. One of the tires was flat when I pulled it out today to power the leaf vac for the backyard. I hoped it was just a question of the air leaking out, but the dang thing wouldn't retain air when I filled it. For now, I've sealed the leak with a few squirts of tire sealer/inflator, but I don't know if it will hold. A new tire is anywhere from $20-30, and replacement tube is about $10. The generator engine/windings themselves work fine.

42 month update (August 2012) - getting ready for Hurricane Issac. Generator fired up and ran under load perfectly. I hadn't run the generator since November of last year, so I had to pull-start it and was charged within an hour. However, the green slime no longer works to fix the flats in the tires, so I had to get two new tires. Harbor Freight has some inexpensive ($7.99/ea, item 47638, 8" non-marring rubbing tire) inflatable tires that are the same spec as the tires this generator came with (270 lbs maximum weight load at 30 psi), expect they're a relatively bright pink-red. So far - after almost 4 years, my maintenance costs have been limited to generator oil and two tires. That's not bad for a generator in this price range.

By Ashok Aiyar on February 7, 2009

2) Power Max XP4400E and XP4400 Generator - By Ernie, Retired Journeyman Lineman. The XP4400E is well worth the extra cost over the XP4400, as starter rope must be pulled out at an angle.
This is an excellent generator for the money. The voltage regulation is excellent. Amazing output for it's size along with being very quite for the output that it has. The discription Amazon has for it is great, so many items are not discribed well enough. There is a couple points I want to share with present owners and would be owners.
(1) The voltage selector switch not only changes the voltage monitor 120 to 240 but it's main function is tap changing, this being the reason it must not be switched unless breaker is off (open) or generator shut down. It parallels the two power windings when set for 120 to the 120 sockets and the 120-240 socket. You can draw full capacity fron the 120 sockets or at the 120-240 socket from terminals Bu & R, the W terminal has no voltage so 240 is not available now. (Refer to owners manual wiring diagram page 23 or 24)
Set for 240 the switch series the two power windings and now the 120 sockets have only one power winding applied and so half capacity is available here, 1750 watts from either one but only 875 watts each if both are used. The 120-240 socket now has both windings in series and now has 240 from terminal W to Terminal R and will have two 120 circuits, one from terminal W to terminal Bu and the other 120 circuit from Bu to R. Full capacity is available with the 240 voltage and half capacity from each of the 120 circuits. (Bu is the common terminal to both sockets)
(2)It isn't specified the engine has a steel cyinder sleeve and I don't think it does as I run it for 6 hrs. and changed oil and the oil in the drain pan was pretty well loaded with aluminum and silicon swirling around. I will change again after 12-14 hrs. and then every 20 then on. A filter would have been a boon for engine life, but be diligent and change oil often and it will run a long time.
I think some have gotten generators and done them in early because they didn't change oil in time. Very, Very important because the cyinder is aluminum and no oil filter. More power to all, Ernie Wireman

By Ernie Wireman on September 28, 2008


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