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Redeem That Ltd

RedeemThat Ltd

Thursday, 14 August 2014

General Pump 2100306 14" TriKleener Deluxe Water Broom, 4000 PSI

The General Pump 2100306 is the Deluxe Water Broom Surface Cleaner. Commercial Grade, Consumer Pricing. 3 nozzles sprays 14 in. consistent cleaning path. Cuts cleaning time by over 60%. Easy to use. Reduces back and leg muscle strain and fatigue and self rinsing. User stays dry. Concentrated single nozzle use. The 7 inch wheels increase mobility and reduce fatigue.

  • Efficiently blast a 14" wide cleaning path.
  • Steel plugs can replace spray tips for custom cleaning patterns.
  • 7" Adjustable Wheels.
  • Attaches to 1/4" Quick Connector Spray Wands.


RedeemThat Ltd

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