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RedeemThat Ltd

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Simply Pumps PM200T Peristaltic Self Priming Micro Mini Pump with Tygon Fuel and Lube Tubing, Power Type: 12 V DC, Maximum Flow Rate: 350 mL/minutes

Our Perimax line of tubing pumps are among the most compact peristaltic pumps on the market. All of our tubing pumps can be fully customized to match just about any fluid transfer application. Because the fluid only contacts the tubing, they are extremely compatible with most any fluid. Perfect for laboratory use, research and development, prototyping, testing and sampling, condensate removal, detergent dispensing, fluid metering, machine tool cooling and machine lubricating and a variety of OEM applications. Each of our tubing pumps are available in 6 stock tubing materials: Silicone the softest of the tube types. Use for most water based fluids. Provides the highest flow rates. NorpreneIndustrial – the longest lasting tube type. A great alternative to Silicone Viton– provides great resistance to a long list of chemicals. Tygon Fuel and Lubricant compatible with most fuels, lubricants and petroleum-based products. Norprene Chemical – the ultimate tubing for maximum chemical compatibility. Norprene Food Grade – perfect for most food, diary and cosmetic applications.

  • Tygon tubinga and self priming.
  • Excellent dry running characteristics and can pump fluid and gas/air.
  • Tygon fuel and lubricant compatible with most fuels, lubricants and petroleum-based products.
  • Can pump slurries and fluids with high particulate content, extremely accurate for dispensing or metering applications.
  • Built in voltage regulation, pumps extremely hot or cold fluids.


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