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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pump Handbook

Rely on the #1 Guide to Pump Design and Application-- Now Updated with the Latest Technological Breakthroughs
Long-established as the leading guide to pump design and application, the Pump Handbook has been fully revised and updated with the latest developments in pump technology. Packed with 1,150 detailed illustrations and written by a team of over 100 internationally renowned pump experts, this vital tool shows you how to select, purchase, install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot cutting-edge pumps for all types of uses. The Fourth Edition of the Pump Handbook features:
  • State-of-the-art guidance on every aspect of pump theory, design, application, and technology.
  • Over 100 internationally renowned contributors.
  • SI units used throughout the book.
  • New sections on centrifugal pump mechanical performance, flow analysis, bearings, adjustable-speed drives, and application to cryogenic LNG services; completely revised sections on pump theory, mechanical seals, intakes and suction piping, gears, and waterhammer; application to pulp and paper mills.
Inside - This Updated Guide to Pump Technology
• Classification and Selection of Pumps • Centrifugal Pumps • Displacement Pumps • Solids Pumping • Pump Sealing • Pump Bearings • Jet Pumps • Materials of Construction • Pump Drivers and Power Transmission • Pump Noise • Pump Systems • Pump Services • Intakes and Suction Piping • Selecting and Purchasing Pumps • Installation, Operation, and Maintenance • Pump Testing • Technical Data.


Igor Karassik held senior positions at the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation. Joseph Messina has held positions with the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation and the Electric Power Research Institute. Paul Cooper served as director of research and development for Ingersoll-Rand Research. Charles Heald is former chief engineer and manager of engineering with Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company.


1) Igor the Pump Guy Again - Please also see my review of the "Engineers Guide to Centrifugal Pumps" also by Igor Karassik. I first bought the Second Edition of the Pump Handbook many years ago (1985) thinking that it contained everything I would need to know. Looking back, I am embarrassed to think that new technologies would not impact the pump world; how wrong is that? Further, as luck would have it, I was wrestling with a problem related to rotodyanamics (Reed Critical Analysis of a line shaft pump). Add to that the fact that I had now been working with positive displacement pumps of all flavors and colors. The Fourth Edition address those exact same issues. And as a bonus, throws in a review of quite a comprehensive selection of different applications for a vast array of environmentally different service conditions (different industrial applications and environments). Then, if all else fails, this book is big and heavy enough to suffice as a non-concealed weapon in almost any circumstance.

By Frank A. Stephenson on June 19, 2013

2) Packed full of information - I needed both an overview and detailed information on certain aspects of pump behavior. This book provided both to me. It's very thick, but it has to be since it covers so much material.

By Chris F on May 26, 2013


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