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Monday, 6 April 2015

Pumps and Hydraulic Rams - With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams, Paul Hasluck

Written by Paul N. Hasluck this book was published in 1907. The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted and is not just a scanned copy of the original.
The formal title is Pumps and Hydraulic Rams with numerous engravings and diagrams. Chapters include:
Suction Pumps and Lift Pumps.
Making Simple Suction Pumps.
Pump Cup Leathers.
Pump Valves.
Ram or Plunger Pumps.
Making Bucket and Plunger Pump.
Construction of Plumber’s Force Pump.
Wooden Pumps.
Small Pumps for Special Purposes.
Centrifugal Pumps.
Air-lift, Mammoth, and Pulsometer Pumps.
Hydraulic Rams.


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